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Rule of three for a splendid lawn

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Do you want to bask on a lush lawn? It is not too late ! Follow these tips to get a perfect lawn.

Rule 1: Hunt the invaders!

The chinch bugs wait for the heat of the summer, then make havoc, visible in the form of irregular yellow and brown spots. To find out if you have some, get an empty tin can of at least 15 centimeters in diameter, cleared of its bottom. Insert it over a brown stain by sinking it about six inches into the ground. Fill the box with water and wait for the insects to float to the surface. Adult bugs are four millimeters long and have a black body and folded white wings on their backs. The nymphs are red with a white band.

Rule 2: Do you occupy brown areas

Brown spots can be caused by bedbugs, but a high population of white grubs, meadow moths or dog urine may also be responsible. Water the areas where your dog needs to dilute salt and nitrogen compounds. Neutralize worms and moths by introducing nematodes – microscopic parasites that can be spread on the lawn by watering.

Rule 3: Weed eradication

Dandelions, ground ivy and plantain … What wounds! Prepare to dig. If weeds are pulled out of the ground – and before they go to seed – it is relatively simple to contain the weeds. To prevent the germination of new unwanted plant seeds, apply to the turf of late corn gluten, a natural pre-emergent herbicide.

Maintenance schedule

July – August 
Mow high: Set the height of your mower blade to its maximum. A taller grass is more drought resistant and weeds out light.

Watering: Many homeowners leave their lawn dormant in the middle of the summer to save water. The grass will turn brown, but it’s normal. As soon as the humidity drops and the temperatures go down, the grass will turn green again. If you choose to water it, do it generously, but at large intervals – two and a half centimeters of water a week.

Sow: Seed open or sparse areas of good quality grass mix. Keep the seeds moist until they germinate.

Feed: Spread a second layer of fertilizer at the end of the month to make sure the grass will be healthy in the winter.

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