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Lemon Tree: Care Tips

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The lemon tree, or citrus in Latin, is a tree or shrub of the family Rutaceae. The lemon tree is classified as a citrus tree. Originally, the lemon tree comes from tropical regions in which the rainfall is high, he enjoys living in soil always fresh and well drained. This evergreen tree produces lemons, oblong fruits of green color when they are young then yellow when ripe. Lemon tree cultivation is widespread in the countries around the Mediterranean. In France, the city of Menton has been cultivating lemon trees for centuries and has become its emblem. She devotes to him a party which takes place each year in February and March.

Plantation and culture of the lemon tree

The lemon tree requires a lot of sun and its cultivation is relatively easy. The potted lemon tree grows quite well indoors, however, it is necessary to ensure good watering because the plant needs water as soon as its soil is dry. However, it must be avoided proximity to heat sources such as a radiator. For an easy crop, plant lemon trees in the spring when frosts are no longer to be feared. In the south of France, the lemon tree can be planted in the ground. In other regions, it is advisable to return the lemon trees in winter because this fruit tree is afraid of frost. The lemon tree measures between 3 and 5 meters, its foliage is persistent and its flowers are very fragrant.

Size, maintenance of lemon tree and harvest of lemons

When it comes to pruning, the lemon tree needs to be cut down about a month after the appearance of each new growth to obtain good fruiting. Their length should be reduced to about 20 cm by cutting over a leaf. It takes about 5 sizes per year. Lemons are harvested as they mature. If they stand out easily, it is because they are ripe.

Diseases and pests of the lemon tree

Like many citrus trees, the lemon tree fears mealybugs. A liquid solution to add to the irrigation water helps to overcome these pests that can kill the fruit tree if it is not treated. Aphids are also pests of the lemon tree and monilia blights lemons on their branches. There are many fertilizers and solutions to prevent these diseases and repel these invasive insects that harm your lemon tree.

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