How to buy overhead crane in Sri Lanka?

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10 Ton Overhead Crane to Sri Lanka – Excellent Lifting Solutions from DQCRANES

10 Ton overhead crane Supplier – DQCRANES
10 ton overhead crane is a popular and cost-effective lifting equipment used in a variety of fields and sectors, such as manufacturing, mining, chemical industry and steel mills. The overhead crane 10 ton comes in four main configurations, including single girder, double girder, top running and underhung system. Our overhead cranes can also be custom designed and constructed to suit your special lifting requirements.
10 Ton overhead crane for sale to Sri Lanka
A customer came from Sri Lanka, purchased a 10 ton overhead crane from DQCRANES, used for their manufacturing workshop. We have offered types of cranes and hoists for Sri Lanka market, to meet the requirements of various industries. The following is the 10 ton eot crane project in Sri Lanka for your reference, welcome to contact us, to get your custom overhead crane.

Project Details
The customer is in charge of a company, which is designing and manufacturing the industrial refrigeration system. This set of 10t overhead crane is for their new warehouse.

This 10 ton bridge crane is with 10m span and designed with A3 duty group. The crane lifting height is 7m and the lifting speed is 7m/min, cross travelling speed is 20m/min and the long travelling speed is 20m/min.

After received our design solution, the customer asked if there is a possibility that they want to replace the wire rope hoist with an electric chain hoist as the lifting device of the bridge crane. Considering the lifting speed and durability and safety, we still recommended the electric wire rope hoist as preferred.

The client wanted some discount, considering this is our first cooperation, we agreed. Then our sales manager sent him the latest price list, the client was very satisfied and signed the contract.
Main Parameters

  • Crane model: LD single girder overhead crane
  • Lifting capacity: 10 ton
  • Lifting height: 7m
  • Span: 10m
  • Cross traveling speed: 20m/min
  • Crane traveling speed: 20m/min
  • Lifting speed: 7m/min
  • Working class: A3
  • Power supply: 380V/50Hz/3 Phase
  • Recommended crane rail: P22
  • Wire rope Diameter: 15mm
  • Protection class: IP54
  • Insulation class: F
  • Working temperature: -20℃~+40℃
  • Country of origin: China

10 Ton Overhead Crane to Sri Lanka Production And Delivery

Why Choose Overhead Crane System from DQCRANES?
Leading technology and Reliable application

  • DQCRANES is one of the most important manufacturers and suppliers in China, have provided complete crane and hoist solutions and service for all industries.We provide outstanding one-stop crane solution services.

Compact structure and Modular design

  • The structure and design of our cranes are good for the customer. It also will help customers to reduce the cost of building and heating. Especially, it is easy to operate and maintain.

Environmentally friendly

  • Green concept runs through the whole design. Space and energy will be saved. Because of the light dead weight, it will save much energy to consumption. What’s more, our crane systems provide a better working environment because the noise of the machine is lower than the others.

Safe and reliable and Easy to maintain

  • All of our cranes are equipped with leading technology. These machines are made in advanced processing equipment. In the design, we adopt the design concept of maintenance free and easy maintenance, which ensures that the product has advantages while allowing customers to maintain and grasp easily.

Custom crane design service

  • Our cranes has more configurations and options to meet your needs. DQCRANES can supply overhead cranes that can lift goods from 1 tons to 500 tons. Also provide custom crane service, you can choose a suitable crane design according to your requirements.

Get Your Overhead Crane Price
The 10 ton overhead crane cost can vary widely in terms of the crane configurations, design and other special options. Therefore, without knowing your actual needs, we are unable to provide you with suitable crane design and overhead crane price.

You need to provide other specifications of the 10 ton bridge crane, working environment, type of material to be lifted, duty cycle, your destination, etc. so that the crane manufacturer can provide you with an accurate quote.

  1. Load capacity: _ton?
  2. Span of the crane: _m?
  3. Max. lifting height of the crane: _m?
  4. Traveling length: _m? Do you need us to provide the rails for you?
  5. How many hours will the crane work per day? How many times per hour?
  6. Electric Power supply: 3 phase 380V 50Hz? Or other request?
  7. Application: What kind of material will the crane lift?
  8. Working environment?

After getting your reply, our professional sales engineers will contact you in 30mins! DQCRANES 10 ton overhead crane is safe, reliable and favorable. We have designed, manufactured, exported and installed cranes for many years. Contact us to get overhead crane price now!

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