250Kgs Freestanding Jib Crane for Sale to Philippines

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In the bustling industrial landscape of the Philippines, machine shops play a pivotal role in the manufacturing sector. These facilities require efficient material handling solutions to streamline their operations and meet the demands of their production processes. Recognizing the need for reliable and versatile lifting equipment, a machine shop in the Philippines contacted DQCRANES, and requested a 250Kgs SWL Freestanding jib crane to enhance their material handling capabilities.
Client’s Background:
The client, a prominent machine shop in the Philippines, specializes in precision machining and fabrication services for various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and electronics. With a commitment to delivering high-quality products and meeting stringent production deadlines, the machine shop places great emphasis on optimizing its operational processes. As part of their continuous improvement initiatives, the client identified the need for a reliable lifting solution that could facilitate the seamless movement of materials within their facility.
Client’s Requirement:
The client’s primary requirement revolved around the need for a robust and versatile lifting solution that could effectively handle loads up to 250 kilograms. They sought a freestanding jib crane that could be easily integrated into their existing workspace without the need for extensive structural modifications. Additionally, the machine shop emphasized the importance of safety, precision, and ease of operation as key factors in their selection criteria. Understanding the client’s specific needs and operational challenges, DQCRANES embarked on developing tailored design solutions to meet and exceed their expectations.
jib crane design Solutions from DQCRANES:
DQCRANES, a leading provider of material handling equipment, specializes in offering customized lifting solutions to meet the unique requirements of diverse industries. Leveraging their expertise in crane design and manufacturing, DQCRANES proposed a comprehensive design solution for the 250Kgs SWL Free Standing Jib Crane, tailored to the client’s operational environment and material handling needs.

  1. Structural Integrity: DQCRANES designed the freestanding jib crane with a robust and durable structure to ensure stability and reliability during lifting operations. The crane’s foundation and support structure were engineered to withstand the specified load capacity and operational demands, providing a secure and dependable lifting solution for the client’s machine shop.
  2. Versatility and Maneuverability: Recognizing the importance of flexibility in material handling, the jib crane was designed with a 360-degree rotation capability, allowing for seamless movement and positioning of loads within the workspace. This feature enabled the machine shop to optimize its operational efficiency and streamline its production processes by efficiently accessing and transporting materials across different workstations.
  3. Safety and Precision: Safety is paramount in any industrial setting, and DQCRANES prioritized integrating safety features and precision controls in the jib crane design. Including safety devices, such as overload protection and limit switches, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the crane, and mitigating the risk of accidents and equipment damage. Additionally, the crane’s precise positioning and lifting controls provided the machine shop with the accuracy and control required for their material handling tasks.

250kg Freestanding Jib Crane Design Details:
The 250kg freestanding jib crane designed by DQCRANES incorporated a range of specifications and features to align with the client’s specific requirements. The crane’s design details include:

  • Load Capacity and Reach: The jib crane was engineered to handle a maximum load capacity of 250 kilograms, catering to the machine shop’s lifting needs for various materials and components used in their production processes. The crane’s reach 4.5m and lifting radius 4m were optimized to provide adequate coverage within the client’s workspace, ensuring efficient material handling across different work areas.
  • Hoisting Mechanism: The jib crane was equipped with a reliable hoisting mechanism, featuring a high-quality electric chain hoist tailored to the specified load capacity. The hoisting system offered smooth and precise lifting operations, allowing the machine shop to effortlessly maneuver and position loads with ease.
  • Foundation and Installation: DQCRANES designed the freestanding jib crane with a self-supporting structure, eliminating the need for complex and costly foundation work. The crane’s installation process was streamlined, minimizing downtime and disruption to the client’s operations while ensuring a secure and stable setup for the lifting equipment.
  • Control System: The jib crane was integrated with an intuitive and user-friendly control system, enabling the machine shop operators to efficiently manage the crane’s movements and lifting operations. The control panel featured ergonomic controls and safety functions, empowering the operators to handle materials with precision and confidence.

Specific Applications in Philippine Machine Shops:

  • Loading and unloading materials: Effortlessly move engine blocks, metal sheets, or other components from storage areas to workbenches.
  • Machine tool loading and unloading: Safely and efficiently position heavy workpieces on milling machines, lathes, or other equipment.
  • Die and mold handling: Precisely maneuver dies and molds within the work area.
  • General maintenance: Assist with lifting and positioning tools, replacement parts, or machinery components during maintenance procedures.

As mentioned above, the 0.25 tonne SWL Free Standing Jib Crane with Electric chain Hoist can be an easy install, once installed and the hoist fitted, all that is left is commissioning, testing, and signing off the Jib as safe to use. we are more than happy for all our customers to install themselves or find their installation team. We are also more than happy to offer our engineers to take away this task. We can install the Jib, install the Hoist, commission, and test and we will not leave the site until everything is working correctly and safely.
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