1 ton wire rope hoist for sale to UAE

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Reliable and Durable 1 Ton Wire Rope Hoist for UAE Railway Construction

The railway industry in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has experienced a rapid growth in the past few decades. As the demand for transportation of goods and people has increased, the need for efficient and reliable material handling equipment has become paramount. Recently DQCRANES designed and exported 9 sets electric wire rope hoist 1 ton to UAE. The following will present a detailed case of the use of a 1 ton wire rope hoist in a railway project in the UAE for material handling.
The railway project in the UAE involved the construction of a new railway line. The project was being executed by a construction company that had extensive experience in railway construction. The project involved the transportation of heavy materials such as concrete blocks, steel beams, and machinery. The transportation of these materials required the use of a reliable and efficient material handling equipment.

The primary challenge facing the project was the efficient transportation of heavy materials from one location to another. The transportation of these materials required the use of a material handling equipment that could lift heavy weights and transport them over long distances. The company had initially planned to use manual labor to transport the materials. However, this method was slow and inefficient, and it required a large number of workers. The company needed a solution that would increase efficiency and productivity while reducing the number of workers required.
After careful consideration, the company found us – DQCRANES for help. As a reputable and popular material handling solutions provider in UAE and Middle East, we recommend the company to use a 1 ton wire rope electric hoist for this project. The wire rope hoist was chosen due to its ability to lift heavy weights and transport them over long distances. The hoist was also electric, which meant that it did not require manual labor to operate.
Design and Specifications:

  • The 1 ton electric wire rope hoist is designed to meet the specific needs of the railway project in the UAE. It is a compact and robust hoist that is capable of lifting and moving heavy materials with ease. The hoist has a lifting capacity of 1 ton and is powered by a 3-phase electric motor. The hoist is equipped with a 4-part wire rope that is designed to withstand heavy loads and provide reliable lifting and lowering of materials.
  • The hoist has a lifting height of 14 meters and a lifting speed of 8 meters per minute. It is designed to work in harsh environments and is equipped with protection features such as overload protection, overheat protection, and anti-fall protection. The hoist is also equipped with a limit switch that stops the hoist when the load reaches the maximum lifting height or when the rope is fully extended.
  • The hoist is mounted on a trolley that moves along a crane beam. The trolley is equipped with wheels that allow it to move smoothly along the beam, making it easy to position the hoist over the material to be lifted. The motorized trolley is also equipped with a brake that holds it in position when the hoist is not in use.


After the client’s company received our 9 sets 1 ton electric hoists, they will also get the installation and operation manuals. Will help to install the wire rope hoists on the cranes that were used to transport the heavy materials. The electric rope hoist will be connected to the crane’s electrical system, and it will be tested to ensure that it is functioning properly. As the client said, the new electric wire rope hoist will operated by a skilled crane operator who had experience in operating material handling equipment.
Features and Benefits:

  • The 1 ton electric wire rope hoist offers several features and benefits that make it ideal for material handling in railway projects. Firstly, it is compact and easy to operate, making it suitable for use in confined spaces. Secondly, it is powerful and capable of lifting heavy materials with ease. Thirdly, it is designed to work in harsh environments, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of railway construction and maintenance.
  • Another significant benefit of the hoist is its safety features. The hoist is equipped with overload protection, which prevents the hoist from lifting more than its capacity. The hoist also has anti-fall protection, which prevents the load from falling if the hoist fails. The limit switch ensures that the hoist stops when the load reaches the maximum height, preventing damage to the hoist and the load.
  • The hoist is also easy to maintain, with a simple design that makes it easy to replace parts when necessary. The hoist’s motor is also designed to be energy-efficient, reducing energy costs and minimizing the environmental impact of the project.

In conclusion, electric wire rope hoist supplied by DQCRANES is an essential material handling equipment for railway projects in the UAE. Its compact design, robust construction, and safety features make it a cost-effective solution for railway construction and maintenance projects.
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