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FOOD COMBINATIONS: 7 Benefits of Combination Foods

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In order to make the most of the health benefits and health benefits of foods, try the 7 best food combinations.

The health benefits of food combinations: combine milk and bananas to promote calcium absorption

Do you have stomach problems? Eat bananas . This yellow fruit is a good source of inulin, a fiber that contributes to the balance of “good” bacteria in the digestive system. Better still, it aids the absorption of calcium – a nutrient essential for healthy bones. To enjoy the benefits of food combinations, eat your banana with calcium- rich foods such as milk, yogurt, cheese, broccoli and kale . Or add one to your cereal bowl with milk.

Strawberries: Inseparable peanut butter

Vitamin E is good for the eyes and can help prevent macular degeneration, a cause of blindness. Vitamin C stimulates the powers of vitamin E and ensures that your body is able to assimilate it and make the most of it. To enjoy the benefits of food combinations, pair sources of vitamin Csuch as strawberries, citrus fruits and tomatoes with a good source of vitamin E such as peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds – and nut butters .

Broccoli: excellent with mustard

The broccoli is rich in sulforaphane, a compound known for its anti-cancer properties. Unfortunately, cooking destroys myrosinase, an enzyme that allows your body to absorb sulforaphane. To replace myrosinase, combine broccoli with mustard or any other raw crucifer, such as rocket. According to the British Journal of Nutrition , the added myrosinase will help your body absorb more sulforaphane.

Coffee: drink it sweet

Do you sweeten your coffee  ? Do not stop! While this food combination may seem surprising, a small study published in Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical and Experimental teaches us that drinking sweet coffee would make us more productive. When the subjects in this study consumed coffee and sugar simultaneously, certain areas of the brain associated with attention were more active than when they drank their sugar- free coffee . Tea drinkers: add a tear of honey.

Apples: crunch them with green tea

Food combinations are also sometimes perfect snacks. Combine your cup of tea with sliced ​​fruit. Better yet, combine apple and green tea . Research indicates that quercetin, a phytochemical that is also found in apples, berries and onions, and catechins (which are packed with green tea and red grapes) work together to prevent blood platelets from adhering to each other. other. Agglomerating platelets can cause blood clots and a heart attack .

Onions: delicious with bread

The next time you eat a bagel of whole wheat , add a few slices of onion to your cream cheese. The onion and garlic contain sulphide, a compound that increases the uptake of zinc, a nutrient essential to the immune system and wound healing, and of which whole wheat and legumes are very rich. Another easy, fast and delicious food combination? Hummus and garlic.

Marry carrots and avocados

You already know that beta-carotene provides younger-looking skin and healthy eyes. However, you may not know that your body needs fat to absorb it. And it’s here that food combinations work: Eat foods rich in beta-carotene such as carrots , cantaloupe, kale and spinach with fatty foods such as avocado , nuts, cooking oil olive and almonds. A simple snack: carrots soaked in guacamole or hummus with olive oil.

Dr. Kanika Singla

Ph.D., IARI Postdoctoral Scholar, UC Berkeley

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