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Which flowers to choose to express your love?

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 The red rose symbolizes passion, sunflower, loyalty, tulip, perfect love … To hell with words! Here are 10  flowers to express your love on Valentine’s Day!

Roses to express your love

The rose is the most popular flower to offer on the occasion of the  feast of St. Valentine . This flower has long been a symbol of love, passion and perfect happiness. Regardless of its color, a single blooming rose represents true love. Two roses placed side by side signify commitment. The white rose symbolizes the purity of love, while the rose represents the perfect happiness and the red, the passion.

The Gerbera of Jameson (daisy / daisy) to declare your flame

With its broad bud surrounded by dense florets, the gerbera of Jameson is one of the most romantic flowers . There are various colors: bright pink, pure white, ruby ​​red, lavender passion, bright yellow, etc. No matter what color it is, this daisy symbolizes loyalty in love, innocence and purity.

Offer him tulips to show him your feelings

Recognized around the world and very popular, the tulip is a perfect choice for Valentine’s Day. The red tulip is considered a declaration of love, but whatever its color, the tulip symbolizes perfect love . Representing the balance between elegance and refinement, here is a nice flower to offer. There are more than 100 different species, all from Central Asia.

Express your loyal love with the sunflower

To show your loyalty to your beloved, offer him the bright sunflower. The floral emblem of Russia, this flower is also very popular in North America. Evoking the sun, it is considered a most comforting flower and offer it as a gift on Valentine’s Day reflects your feelings of affection for the place of the loved one.

The carnation of florists to show him your love

One of the oldest flowers in the world, the carnation of florists represents admiration and fascination . They are excellent cut flowers because they are durable. It is found in various varieties, shapes and colors. Like many other flowers, each color symbolizes a feeling: pale red carnations express admiration, while reds mean deep love and roses, gratitude.

Orchid is the flower to seduce

There are more than 25,000 wild orchids in the world, so this flower offers a range of possibilities for the feelings you want to communicate. Their fragile beauty and their exotic foliage embody the perfect symbol of beauty, luxury, virility, love . Some still evoke seduction.

The lily, perfect for him to share your pure love

A symbol of tenderness in Greek poetry, the lily has been cultivated for 3,000 years. Today, the white lily represents purity, innocence and sympathy while the red, yellow or purple lily expresses pure love . The “Stargazer” lily is one of the most popular lily varieties thanks to its sublime fragrance and spectacular foliage.

Say “I love you” with chrysanthemum

The species exists in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors. It is one of the most popular flowers in the world, in all seasons. Of common or exotic variety, the color of the chrysanthemum evokes different emotions: the red chrysanthemum means “I love you” , the white expresses the true and loyal love, the purple and other colors symbolize the gaiety, the optimism, long life and joy.

The iris to declare your love

Taking its name from the Greek word “rainbow”, the iris exists in 200 varieties, and can be found in every corner of the world. No matter the variety, this flower represents trust, hope, courage and admiration. The deep blue variety is the most polar, including on Valentine’s Day.

The aster to charm his heart

Talisman symbolizing love and patience, the aster is star-shaped and has a yellow heart. Its color palette contains shades of white, red, pink, purple, lavender and blue. Ancient writers regarded it as an enchanted flower capable of hunting snakes; so offering it was a guarantee of protection. The aster, the name meaning “star” in Greek, is also called daisy of Saint-Michel or the ice flower.

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