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All about “Plum”

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The health benefits of plum

Regulates transit

It is the fiber content of the plum that will intervene in the prevention of constipation . It can also be eaten dry for more efficiency.

Boosts immune defenses

The vitamin C contained in the plum will help you fight against minor infections such as the common cold or sore throat since it will strengthen your immune system.


With more than 80% water, the plum is an easy fruit to consume in summer to refresh and hydrate at the same time.

Nutritional values

For 100g of plum plum

Water 85.9 g
Carbohydrates 9.41 g
Lipids 0.29 g
Protein 0.66 g
Phosphorus 17.8 mg
Potassium 149 mg
Beta carotenes 190 µg
Vitamin C 7.25 mg
Energy 46 kcal
Energy 193 kJ


The main nutrients in plum


It will help to build and maintain healthy bones in your body, phosphorus also helps maintain proper functioning of nerve cells.


Regular consumption of quetsche will allow you, combined with other foods to introduce during the day, to maintain a good transmission of the nerve impulses and to help the contraction of all your muscles thanks to the potassium it contains.

Vitamin C

Anti-oxidant, the vitamin C contained in the plum will allow you to limit the aging of your cells but also to promote the absorption of iron.

Using plum in the kitchen: some recipe ideas

The taste of plum

The plum has a slightly tart, sweet flavor.

How to choose the right plum?

The plum is found on the market stalls from mid-August to October. To choose it well, choose a plum with very smooth and fairly firm purple skin. Its flesh is golden yellow and it must be very fleshy. On average, a quetsche plum weighs 30g.

It is possible to find a little white veil on the plum, this is not a sign of poor quality, it is simply the bloom (the wax produced by the fruit to stay cool).

How to store the plum properly?

It can be left to mature at room temperature, but it will only be stored for a few days. If you want to maximize its shelf life, you can store it in the refrigerator’s vegetable drawer for a week.

How to cook the plum?

You can simply bite into the plum to get all the benefits. It can also be eaten in pie, jam or even sorbet.

A little history of the plum

Originally from Alsace, the plum has conquered the whole of France with its flavor more tasty than the classic plum. It often delights children with its sweet and slightly sour taste.

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