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6 good reasons to eat beans and lentils

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Rich in nutrients, legumes are excellent for your health. Here are 6 good reasons to increase your consumption.

1. They help keep the line

A recent study in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition found that people who consumed beans were 27% less likely than those who did not eat to be obese; that they were more likely to keep the line. Beans are rich in soluble fiber, which slow down digestion and provide a feeling of satiety. For example, one cup (250 ml) of black beans provides 60% of daily value (DV).

2. They provide iron

Legumes are rich in iron, especially lentils: a cup provides 37% of the DV. It is advisable to add a food or juice rich in vitamin C, to promote the absorption of this mineral by the body.

3. They could protect against cancer

After analyzing food data for 90,630 women aged 26 to 46, researchers at Harvard School of Public Health concluded that those who consumed beans and lentils at least twice a week were 25% less likely to suffer from breast cancer than those who took it only once a month.

4. They promote the production of enzymes

A cup of adzuki beans provides 34% of the copper DV. Essential for the production of many enzymes, this trace element plays an important role in the development of skin pigment and connective tissue.

5. They regulate the blood pressure

In a recent study in Australia, soluble proteins and fiber were found to help prevent high blood pressure and regulate pressure. In their conclusion, the researchers pointed out that legumes increase the contribution of each other.

6. They contribute to the prevention of congenital anomalies

Any woman thinking of having a child should make sure to take enough folate, which helps prevent neural tube defects. A cup of lenses provides 90% of the DV.

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