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40 hectares to be shared for permaculture and organic

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Food rebirth of a land where death swarmed

I am a small organic peasant from the north of France, from the Somme exactly and I would like to launch a Niemandsland project on my land to create a fashionable oasis from your home … I am not lucky with Amanins who started with a generous “repentant” donor but I have forty hectares of land that I would like to pool for an organic permacuture project in the heart of a century-old battlefield (14-18).


My idea of ​​No man’s land is simple, it is inspired by the Wind turbine for children in Belgium (in which my 8-year-old daughter Noleen is a shareholder). Bernard Delville, the instigator, proposed to the children (sponsored by the parents) to take shares in this energy production of the future and to finance a wind turbine at 100 euros per share …!

8 years later, the dividends arrive, the project is profitable and the 8000 children godparents receive their “New Year’s gifts”. They will have for their 18 years recovered the stake of the grandparents who had (dixit Bernard Delville) not bet for themselves but who did it for, not the, but THE future generation!

On this same principle, I would like to launch my little agrarian revolution and decapitalize my “land capital” by recapitalizing for “future” generations!

Pierre Rhabbi, whom I cannot reach but who seems close to you, may be, at this stage, a good advisor to understand the issues! it will perhaps evoke “land of links”, a very commendable association, but which we did not wait to create LINK since we have four children L othar, I rvine, E lianor and N oleen ….

What I have

40 ha are 400,000 square meters, which represents a market value estimated at 400,000 euros (SAFER offer in 2008!) To allow productivism to “regain control”.

My idea is to allow children to “take control” by subscribing for ten “currency-land” units per square meter of biodiversity, currency-land units which would give the rupee or CFA Franc the same value as ‘to the euro or the dollar!

The idea is not to enrich myself cheaply but to perpetuate my Farm and create a foundation there to defend the challenges that agriculture and peasants of the world face in the face of the steamroller of productivism and the Land grabbing.

Why this name: Niemandsland * (or No man’s land)?

Two reasons for this:
  Firstly, it is no one’s land, I am with my family only the peasant-owner-usufructuary for 15 years. Our installation on the Farm dates from 1998 and my parents were renters!
 Second, this land was in 14-18, a real No man’s land and the battles that raged there are still visible and palpable. Many monuments, memorials and cemeteries attract tourists and place the place in its duty to remember. The Germans sometimes feel guilty and the New Zealanders glorify their children who have crossed the world to perish there: a New Zealand friend told me in 2001: “Bruno, you’ve got to show your visitors what this LAND has suffered! “. This geographical place (where 30 nations came to fight), more than any other, alone condenses the atrocity of the world and human suffering!

However, while the centenary of “the great war” is celebrated, there is still no place of memory dedicated to peace, on the contrary, Picardy was champion of the vote “FN” in the last presidential … pestilential, dare I say!


This Niemandsland would therefore also be an “oasis of fraternal peace” where each “child of the world” could feel welcomed (even virtually) but above all peacefully as has already been the case on the farm campsite.

For ten currency-land units per child, past generations and future generations could, perhaps finally, hand in hand, rest in peace for some, eat their fill for others.

Voila, I’m going back to work, expecting nothing from the alternatives but … waiting for news from you or Pierre.

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