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4 tips for growing edible plants

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Try these simple methods to grow herbs, vegetables and germs inside the house. Give your small windowsill a look of large garden!

Do not have a vegetable garden and want to grow your own edible plants? These inexpensive ideas will allow you to transform your balcony or window sill into a veritable green garden all year long.

1. Plant potted herbs

Use your flower pots to plant decorative leafy vegetables rather than ephemeral flowers. Grow chard, curly chicory and fresh herbs, so you’ll have plenty of ingredients to make delicious salads. Remember to grow edible flowers, such as pansies, as garnishes.

2. Hang your vegetables

Take a heavy-duty reusable plastic bag, drill a few holes for drainage and create slots for ventilation, then fill it with an organic potting mix. Plant tomatoes, peppers and even endives. Then place it in a sunny corner of the house, near a window of preference. Water your plants regularly to keep the soil moist (above the sink in case of dripping).

3. Use cans

Turn your empty cans into a “garden” of herbs. Use your creativity to paint your boxes with pretty colors. Fill them with soil and have nice herbs grow on the edge of a sunny window.

4. Use your jars

Make a jar full of nutritious foods. It’s very simple: dip a few spoonfuls of bean seeds or cereals into the water in a glass jar covered with muslin. Drain the water and fill the jar twice a day: the germs will be visible in a few days. You can add them to your salads to give them crunch and more nutrients.

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